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hypnosis mp3These powerful hypnosis recordings available as cds or mp3s have been authored and recorded by Duncan McColl and Steven Harold.

Duncan was fellow of the NCH (National Council for Hypnotherapy) and author of the “Magic of Mindpower” and “Precision Therapy”. He has been producing hypnosis recordings for over 40 years.

Steven is a member of the NCH and APHP supervisor and trainer of hypnotherapists and also an author of “Marketing for Hypnotherapists”and “Hypnotic Scripts for Hypnotherapists”.

Hypnosis recordings have helped many people to change old habits, urges and behaviours as well as release stress, tension and anxiety.

Michael O'Sullivan

Michael O’Sullivan

“After listening to hundreds of hours of self-hypnosis tapes over the years all I have to say about the series produced by Duncan McColl is that they are simply the best and most effective self-hypnosis tapes available on the market today and I still listen to them myself from time to time.”

Michael O’Sullivan FNCP FIAPT FNCH Hypnotherapist London



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Dr Peter Dufour

“I want to say my client really liked the Fibromyalgia CD you sent me. I like your recording (your voice). What other CD’s do you have that you have recorded? I enjoyed your CD as well. You have an excellent Voice. When you make more let me know.”

Dr Peter Dufour MA CHT PhD Oregon Hypnotherapist


These hypnosis cds and mp3s are available postage free. Hypnosis mp3 and cd are available for