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Phobia Hypnosis can aid anyone that suffers with a phobia. A person with a phobia  will often tell you that they know logically that they should not react in the anxious way that they do. They know this consciously and yet they cannot help the near panic, sweat and anxiety they feel when confronted with the cause of their phobia.

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Almost everyone has a fear of something or another. It is when this fear, turns into a phobia and it starts to impact negatively on a person’s life that help should be sought out.

There are many ways of resolving a phobia but one way that does not work is the tactic of avoidance. Avoiding the stimulus that starts the phobia may lead to the phobia getting worse if anything.

Never be emabarrassed by your phobia. Hypnotherapyt can help. There are hundreds of different phobias. Phobias can range from a fear of cracks in the street paving, to a phobia or fear of flying and public speaking. Fear of people being ill or vomitting is another and a phobia of trains is another. The list is endless.

If you have tried everthing else then this hypnosis cd may be just the help you need in resolving whatever phobia you might have.

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• Authored by International Hypnoanalyst Duncan McColl

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