Alcohol Addiction Tips – Succeeding in Overcoming a Drink Problem

alcohol drinking problems

Alcohol Addiction Tips – Succeeding in Overcoming a Drink Problem

Of the many aspects involved with successfully stopping drinking, one of the most important is the perception you have, and reality of, your support network. For support network think of all those people who you have asked to help you stick to your decision to stop drinking.

As with any goal in life, there are strategies that you can put into place that can enhance your chances of abstaining from alcohol and maintaining your goal of as quitting drinking.

The following stop drinking alcohol tips will help you consider what you need to do to succeed this time.

1) Your family – these are the people who have watched your drift into drink and who will want you to take control. They really want you to succeed. Sometimes though they just don’t know how to support you in the way that you know helps, rather than hinders you. They may have enabled your drinking in the past in some way or another. Now is the time to be honest with them about what they can do to help you stick to your decision. As much as you can, encourage them to become involved with other parts of your support network. Give them permission to let you know when they think you are wavering or have made a mistake.

2) Your doctor – it’s imperative that your doctor is aware of your needs so that they can offer any other form of support. You can ask your doctor if he or she has experience of helping someone with an alcohol addiction. If they don’t, now is the time to ask how they can help during any moments of relapse, anxiety or other event. You may want to seek a doctor or medical professional who has more experience of addiction that your current professional.

3) AA Meetings – it is considered that Alcoholics Anonymous and attending AA meetings helps the goal of quitting alcohol. Don’t be put off if you attend a meeting and for some reason don’t feel comfortable. There are many AA meetings and you may find another group feels better for you.

4) Your personal supporter – often referred to as your sponsor, this is someone who is going to be worth their weight in gold. Choose them carefully and for the right reasons and not because you think they will be easy to manipulate or deceive. Respect the fact that they have been there before and therefore will be able to offer advice and support and probably an opinion that contains the truth you need to hear. Don’t make a rushed decision about who your sponsor is going to be. Choose your sponsor with care and you will soon be on the road to addiction recovery just like they have already done.

5) Yourself – the power remains with you. You can deceive others but you cannot deceive yourself. So be good to yourself. Decide to become your own cheerleader. Remember that the past has happened and you can’t change it. What you can change is the moment of now and every new moment of now.

6) Success breeds success – surround yourself with successful people. Some victims choose to remain victims long after the upsetting experience has passed. People who recover from life’s shocking events choose to no longer act as a victim. They become someone who chooses to take responsibility for themselves rather than using blame.

Remember that at any one moment in time we are doing the best that we can based on out genes, influences from the past and perceptions. So be kind to yourself without making excuses and you too can enjoy your life free of your alcohol addiction. There is so much more that is fulfilling that you can do with your time and energy that is out there just waiting for you.

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