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Want to Feel Calmer, Confident, Stronger?

Want to know a secret?

hypnosis downloadsHypnosis downloads can be part of your self acceptance about your needs. The most successful people succeed because they aren’t afraid to admit they need a little extra help?

Check it out for yourself.
Madonna will have a personal guru. Your favourite football team has a coach. Even your favourite film star has had some form of therapy. Political leaders use change consultants. Why do it all yourself? An easy way to help yourself is with these hypnosis downloads and be the person you know you are.

Know all the answers?
No, of course you don’t and neither do successful people BUT they do know expert help is available. Don’t you deserve success too ? Release your anxiety and increase your confidence and the world becomes easier to navigate.

Do want to succeed?
Silly question – of course you do! It doesn’t matter whether you want to gain more self confidence, lose that anxiety, fear or phobia. You’ll find the extra help you need right here with our hypnosis downloads of mp3s or hypnosis cds. If other people can enjoy success, so you can enjoy life success.

Hypnosis used for surgery without anaesthetic !!
Did you know that a British surgeon based in India in the 19th century, operated on patients using hypnosis only? General anaesthesia wasn’t available. Not only did patients survive surgery they seemed to thrive and recover quicker.

What are you waiting for?
You’ll be following now in a long line of people who have transformed their lives with hypnosis. Do you have a real desire to transform yours too?

hypnosis mp3Full Hypnotherapy Sessions on Mp3 Downloads
These powerful Hypnosis Mp3 downloads are not short 20 minutes sessions where 5 to 10 minutes is taken up with introductions and sales patter.

These world reknown hypnotic recordings give you a complete, comprehensive and professional hypnotherapy session in the comfort of your home.The hypnosis recordings available as mp3s have been authored and recorded by Duncan McColl and Steven Harold.

Duncan was fellow of the NCH (National Council for Hypnotherapy) and author of the “Magic of Mindpower” and “Precision Therapy”. He passing was a great loss but his legacy is immense as he had been producing hypnosis recordings for over 40 years.

Steven is a member of the NCH and APHP supervisor and trainer of hypnotherapistsHe is the author of “Marketing for Complimentary Therapists – 101″and “Hypnotherapy Scripts for Hypnotherapists”.

Hypnosis recordings have helped many people to change old habits, urges and behaviours as well as release stress and worry. Loss and anxiety leading to depression may been turned around using the Bereavement and Depression recordings. You have the option of using cds or downloading mp3s.



These hypnosis downloads as mp3s are available postage free. Hypnotherapy mp3 are available for :-


Physical Ailments Option:

Arthritis Hypnosis, Back Pain Hypnosis, Crohn’s Disease, Cancer


Anxiety and Loss Option:

Bereavement, Depression, Stress Relief,


Life Skill and oping Option:

Concentration Hypnosis, Confidence, Success


All hypnotic recordings aid relaxation and stress relief.


Customer Support

Just email Steve at steve@hypnosources.com if you have any questions about the mp3’s hypnotic recordings.


Hypnotherapists and Authors

These recordings have been authored using the skill and experience of hypnotherapists Steven Harold and Duncan McColl.

Customer Review:

I’ve recommended Duncan’s recordings in my practice for about 5 years now. Most of my clients report that they find these recordings a comfort and help. I can especially recommend the recordings dealing with depression and alcohol abuse.

Patricia Bishop BA(HONS)DCH DHP Hypnotherapist London


Immediate Need

If you are suffering from high anxiety and worries, apart from seeking medical advice, you may find the recordings for Stress Relief a very effective option. Beyond that the Life Success and Self Confidence audio mp3 downloads would be highly supportive