Public Speaking Fears Anxiety

public speaking hypnosis

Public speaking hypnosis can help people with a presentation, talk, best man’s speech or work meeting anxiety to feel confident and calmer. Speaking to a group of people of any size is one of the most common phobias and fears.

Public speaking is considered to be the act of communicating with a group of people whose number can range from two to tens of thousands. Some people relish the idea of giving a presentation, talk, leading a meeting, giving that wedding speech. These people like to be the centre of attention and enjoy getting the chance to perform in front of others.

Speaking to groups for many people is a constant source of anxiety and dread. Public speaking for them it is something to be avoided at all costs.

Typically someone with a speaking phobia or fear will experience an adrenalin rush, heart palpitation, sweating , shaking, a voice that cracks and a loss of memory. A previous bad experience of speaking in public is usually found to be the cause of the current feelings of dread about giving a speech or presentation.

Public speaking hypnosis helps a person who suffers with these “fight or flight” feelings to feel calmer and more relaxed. Hypnosis helps to change how a person thinks about public speaking. It helps them to construct positive and successful images of themselves giving a speech to others that is attractive and encouraging rather than one of fear or failure.

It is more often the dread prior to giving the speech that make it hard for someone to face up to giving the presentation.

Some people will feign sickness or even resign from their job because the fear of having to speak in front of others is so overwhelming that they will literally do anything to get out of it. Others will not apply for that new job or promotion because they know the new role will involve taking meetings, giving training or speaking in front of groups. A public speaking phobia can therefore limit a persons’ career progression.

Fortunately, it can be comforting to know that many people who have suffered with a public speaking fear do get over it. Indeed they can progress to well with feeling confident and calm about giving a speech that they not only look forward to doing it but also start to volunteer to do it.

If you are fed up with suffering from nerves, dread, fears and anxiety from even the thought of speaking in front of others at work, socially or on other occasions you no longer need to suffer. One of the most effective methods for overcoming your fears and feeling confident is public speaking hypnosis.