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Erection problems hypnosis helps  as there is nothing more embarrassing then impotence or erectile dysfunction to a man. For most men the cause of their impotence is psychological and only temporary. However just in case there is a physical cause, it is vital to report any persistent symptoms of impotence to your doctor.

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Anxiety plays a leading role in impotence or erectile dysfunction. Invariably if you lose an erection during love-making you can mistakenly believe that you have a problem. Yet it is quite natural for a man to lose and regain his erection during love-making.

Through incorrect thinking, and maybe just because your last love-making was not as you wanted you may develop anxiety and fear about the next time you make love. Anxiety and making love do not go hand-in-hand. Relaxation and focussing on your partner’s body is one of the better practical tactics to employ.

This supportive self hypnosis cd helps you resolve the emotional issues of impotence and erectile dysfunction enabling you to enjoy love making without worry.

Hypnosis Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction Research
If you are interested in scientific research carried out on a group of men with erection problems, here is an extract from the results published in PubMed a service of the US National Library of Medicine.
Hypnosis Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction Article

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