What is Self Hypnosis?
Self hypnosis is just one of four states of consciousness that you enter regularly every day. When you read a book, or watch TV, or even whilst driving, your attention moves from events around you. Daydreaming is a great example of a light level of self hypnosis. This state of self hypnosis can be utilised for your benefit.

Can anyone benefit from Self Hypnosis?
As with anything in life, we all take to different things in different ways and speeds. Anyone that can listen, can learn how to use self hypnosis for their benefit.

Is it dangerous in anyway?
If you consider that daydreaming is self hypnosis, it can be a bit like asking the question “is daydreaming dangerous?”. The answer is that only if you are daydreaming when you are supposed to be concentrating such as when driving or operating any machinery can it be dangerous. You are encouraged to do nothing else when listening to a self hypnosis recording.

Does it work everytime?
Hypnosis will work for you if you wish it to work. You will not accept any suggestions that you choose not to. You remain in control and your rate of change and progress is very much up to you.

Am I aware during hypnosis?
Yes, in fact if anything you can become more aware in self hypnosis. Self hypnosis is not sleep however sometimes if you are tired, the relaxation you experience during self hypnosis may take you into sleep.

When is the best time to listen to my self hypnosis recording?
Anytime, that you are in a safe environment and are confident you will not be disturbed. You can even listen to them in bed at night and go to sleep to them.

How often should I listen to my self hypnosis recording?
Initially, listen to your self hypnosis recording on a daily basis. After 30 days you can reduce the frequency.

How do the subliminal recordings work?
The subliminal recordings contain positive suggestions for beneficial change. They are recorded in a way that means the conscious mind is unable to understand them (speeded up speech or below music). The aim of the subliminal messages is alwys the subconcious mind which is where the changes need to take place.

What happens if I decide I want a refund?
Simply return the self hypnosis cd in a saleable condition and within 30 days of purchase for a full “no quibble” refund. Initially send an email to steve@hypnosources.com for further instructions and a quick response.