Menopause Hypnosis Mp3 Download

Menopause Hypnosis Mp3

This Menopause Hypnosis recording helps as you may not know that some women do not have the usually accepted symptoms and issues when they go through their menopause?

Around 16% of women are fortunate in this way. Could it be that past negative conditioning can either make this period of maturity difficult or easier?

menopause hypnosis

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The transitional stage in the life-cycle known as the menopause is a time of considerable glandular and hormonal adjustment. It is quite unique in intensity to the highly complex female bodymind system.

Coupled with positive suggestions for relaxation, this self hypnosis cd provides help designed to promote harmony and balance and deepen life-understanding.

Restore Harmony & Balance
Helping The Body Help Itself

• Authored by International Hypnoanalyst Duncan McColl

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• Menopause Hypnosis recording include a 30 day “no quibble” guarantee

• Issued worldwide by professional hypnotherapists to patients

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Menopause Hypnosis
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•Contains a full hypnotherapy session (running time approx 42 minutes)